Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You're an idiot and possibly a criminal

Please stop asking me to do things to your account which are illegal. No, I cannot transfer your outstanding balance, which is a debt you have incurred on your credit line, onto another card at a lower interest rate. When you made those purchases or spent that money, you did so under a contract with an existing interest rate which you agreed to pay. Don't call me a crook and accuse me of refusing to help you...well, I guess I am refusing to help you, because what you're asking is not possible! I can transfer your AVAILABLE credit to any number of accounts in multiple ways, but that existing debt needs to be paid under your contract rate.

No, I cannot waive your transaction fee and credit your account the amount of money you were charged as a late fee from a different bank! This woman actually DEMANDED that I do exactly this, because she had given us the wrong checking account number for a direct deposit and the transaction was rejected. As a result, she didn't get her money in time to pay off some bill (which she should have had paid as a balance transfer, but I digress) and received a late fee. That account number was verified at least twice before the deposit was processed; whose fault is it that the number wasn't even close to the actual account she wanted to use? I CANNOT waive that transaction fee (except in extreme circumstances like for customers effected by natural disaster, but even then a manager has to fix it) and are you even serious asking us to pay you back for a fee from ANOTHER BANK?! STFU AND GTFO!

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