Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pay attention to details!

No, I will not refund interest charges that were accrued as a result of your mistake. We already fixed YOUR MISTAKE so that you won't be charged any interest on this balance in the future. This was done as a COURTESY, meaning favor, help, or generosity. As in, we had absolutely no obligation to do this but we did it to be nice so quit being so ungrateful. Your attitude of entitlement will get you nowhere with me.

This is a transaction that the bank is not going to make any money on from this point forward. Sometimes we'll do this as a courtesy to the customer because it builds good customer relations and hopefully you will complete more transactions with us in the future. Lose the attitude and show some gratitude.

Kindly go fuck yourself, accusing us of  hacking into your online account and changing the rate you had selected. You already admitted that this was not a bank error, but now that we're holding you responsible for your finance charges, you want to try a different tactic? Not happening, asshole. Nobody here is going to commit a federal offense over 60 fucking dollars in interest. Personally, if I'm going down, I want to go down in a blaze of glory, not for some fucking chump change.

Also, I'm not stupid. I know the reason you refuse to speak with tech support is because they will prove you WRONG. So yeah, get bent.

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