Monday, December 2, 2013

Deathmatch: Visa Vs Mastercard!

I had another childish customer today who did not give us permission to convert his credit card!

Very similar situation to my linked thread. We issue and administer credit cards for a popular sporting goods store. Originally, these cards were under the Visa network. However, the store made a business decision to end their affiliation with Visa and convert their accounts to Mastercard. Letters were mailed to notify customers about the change in March. A second batch of letters with more detailed information was mailed in April. In June, we mailed out "welcome" letters, the cards themselves, and benefit information kits.

Fast forward to today when I got a call from a man who was irate over the fact that his card is no longer a Visa. He accused us of never sending him any notice about the conversion. I read him the mail dates of every letter that had been sent out. "I never received any notification. And I know if I got a certified letter, I would remember!" I got him to verify that the mailing address we have on file is correct; that's where the letters were mailed. So I asked him if he normally has problems with his mail being delivered and I shit you not, he informed me that as a matter of fact, yes; his mailman was caught stuffing a bunch of mail in his trunk because he didn't feel like delivering it! Well that's a shame, but the fact remains that we did mail you out multiple notices about this account conversion.

Strangely enough, though, he did receive the replacement Mastercard. Apparently he didn't think it was a valid credit card because he never ordered a Mastercard, so he'd never called in to have it activated...yet he held on to it for six months, why? He claimed that he had only called in to find out what was wrong with his Visa because he tried to use it today and it was declined and he was very embarrassed.

He also claimed that he had just spoken to another rep, ten minutes earlier, who assured him that the account number for the Visa and the card itself were still valid, and that was obviously a lie because he tried to use the card and it was declined and he was very. embarrassed! While I apologized for the misinformation, I know he's the damn liar, liar, pants on fire because that rep was smart enough to comment the account that the customer had requested a note be made about his Visa no longer working due to the account conversion to Mastercard.

Here are some highlights of his complaints:

  • He didn't give the store permission to change his credit card.
  • The bank didn't notify him of the changes and we're supposed to send him this information via certified mail... BWAHAHAHAHA! Where is he getting this idea that we're required to send out letters via certified mail?
  • He doesn't want a Mastercard because he only uses Visa and he's never had a Mastercard and he doesn't know anything about Mastercard and he doesn't want to deal with Mastercard because he knows Visa and he's used to dealing with VISA!
  • He didn't give us permission to change his credit card!
  • He doesn't care that Mastercard is as universally accepted for payment as Visa, because he doesn't "take" Mastercard. He only "takes" Visa.
  • He's a Visa guy! His words, not mine.
While he was busy ranting and raving about the glory that is Visa, I did some poking around in his account. There hadn't been any activity on that card for over six months!

I tried to explain to him that his account and his credit line had been and would continue to be issued and managed by The Bank; nothing in his credit card agreement with us had changed. I tried to explain how Visa and Mastercard are just networks that process payments for merchants; nothing in his credit card agreement had changed. He was like a small child who squints his eyes shut and jams his fingers in his ears: Lalalala, I can't hear you! It was ridiculous.

I asked him if there was a particular benefit or feature that he had enjoyed with the Visa and was concerned that it might not be offered with the Mastercard. No, that was not the concern. He didn't know anything about any benefits or features; that is not the concern! He just doesn't want a Mastercard because he doesn't "know" Mastercard! At my wits end with this idiot, I did something I'm not even supposed to do. I offered to escalate his complaint to my manager and request that his account be converted to a standard, Bank-branded rewards credit card. It would no longer be associated with the sporting goods store, but it would be a fucking VISA, and this would maintain his account history and extremely low APR.

This ungrateful bastard turned down my offer and told me that he didn't need my help to change his account. He could do that himself any time he wants. I told him in no uncertain terms that while he is welcome to apply for a new credit card at any time, which is guaranteed to have a much higher APR, there are no "self service" options to convert his existing account to a different credit card product. He turned me down again and I almost lost it.

"Then what would you like me to do? What can I do to make this work for you?"

"Nothing. I don't want you to do anything for me. I'll figure it out on my own. I don't trust you to do anything for me after all of the things you've already done to my account without my permission. I'll fix it myself. Ok, I'm going to hang up now."

"All right then, you have a great day." 

Am I missing something? If you're not concerned about benefits and features, then what the fuck is so special about a damn Mastercard?!