Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm surprised you know how to use a phone...

The degrees of stupidity, distrust and outright paranoia that I deal with on a daily basis is just ridiculous.

I don't even know where to begin...

I had a caller who refused to verify the security code (CVV) on the back of his card because he felt that it was "suspicious" of me to ask. His opinion was that if I actually worked for the bank, I should already have that information. First of all, this is an incoming call. I didn't call you at random to solicit information. Secondly, we actually do not have that number preloaded in the system. We enter in the number you give us and either it works or it doesn't. This is part of the identity verification process. So now I have to transfer this idiot to the fraud department for that associate to ask him 6 different personal, identifying questions before I can get into his account. You don't mind giving us all sorts of personal details, but you can't give me a 3-digit number?!

He wasn't even the only one. I had a woman who had pretty much the same reaction and asked me where I worked...fucking Card Services, bitch; are you serious?! Again, YOU called ME! She said I was asking her some very unusual questions: the last 4 digits of her account number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit security code. 

That is the bare minimum information we need to get into an account, and that's IF you're calling from the home number listed on file. If not, then we need other information like your mother's maiden name, DOB, SSN, email address on file, other account info, etc...this is for the protection of your account! I can't take your word for it that you are Joe Smith just because you're too lazy to get the card out of your wallet, and no, it doesn't matter if you're just looking for the balance or you just want to make a payment. This shit is regulated by the federal fucking government and I am not costing my bank a hefty fine and losing my job for some asshole.


  1. I wonder if it would make any difference to them whatsoever if you were to mention that the reason you don't have that number at your fingertips is because it would be a violation of Federal law for you to have it...

    Probably not, but one can hope.