Sunday, May 5, 2013

I would not take your financial advice!

I took a call one day from an elderly customer. Very sweet woman. After I got her security info verified, she asked me if she could put her financial adviser on the phone because she didn't understand her accounts and he was helping her get her finances sorted. I asked her if she was giving me permission to speak to this person about her account information (we're required to get verbal confirmation if said individual isn't listed on the account) and she said yes, so I gave the go-ahead.

This guy gets on the phone and instantly I do not like him. He has that sort of smarmy attitude that just gets on my nerves. It's also pretty clear that he's a shitty financial adviser. I can understand asking for clarification about something specific to this account, but this jerk didn't even have a basic understanding of credit reporting, interest rates/APRs, or bank lending practices. He was asking me to do things with her account that are prohibited by federal banking regulations! We went around in circles because he could not grasp that this is not a "bank policy" or a lack of authority on my part; it's against the law! 

Another one was a customer who called in to request a credit line increase. He was also very cocky and insulted that we had only offered him a credit line of $5000. He claimed to have cards with other banks that had limits of $20,000 or more. His stated occupation was also Financial Adviser, working for a very well-known firm for ~25 years IIRC. His request was not approved.  

Upon checking his account history, I saw that he's paid over 30 days late on this credit card over a dozen times, and over 60 days late multiple times as well! 

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