Sunday, May 12, 2013

I love feeling successful!

After a week filled with suck, I thought I would share something positive for once. I had an awesome day at work yesterday!

Saturdays are usually terrible. Everyone is in a hurry. They just want to activate their card or get their balance and get off the phone. They get upset that they even have to talk to a rep in the first place, so good luck getting a sale out of these people!

Yesterday, though, I had my game face on. I wasn't afraid to ask my customers probing, open-ended questions. I wasn't afraid to come right out and talk about external debt that showed up on their credit history. By the end of the day, I had 7 (seven!) balance transfers and direct deposits processed for a total of $32,000.

As I was getting ready to log off and go home, my phone system messed up and allowed another call to come through. Crap! Oh, well...

It was a woman calling to activate a card. This card had a credit limit of $25,000 with a zero balance. I flat-out asked her about balances she was carrying with other banks and she said, "Yes, and I do need to transfer some balances over to this card, but I don't have everything ready right now. I'm going to have to call back later when I have more time."

Oh, hell no. 

Because it wasn't a brand new card, the activation didn't come standard with a promotional balance transfer rate. However, we have special promos that we can attach to some accounts but they have to be activated during that phone call.

"I can process that for you in about two minutes and I can get you a lower rate."

"Well, what kind of rate are you talking about?"

"I can get you a promotion for this phone call that will give you zero interest until December 2014."

"...Hang on. Let me get my statements."

20 minutes later, I had processed three balance transfers onto her account for a grand total of $22,000. 

Total cash sales for the day: $54,000
Daily goal for my shift: $15,000

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