Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reason #5,621 Why I Could Never Work in Tech Support

Working in a call center has given me so much new-found respect for tech support. If we get a call about online banking and it's something "simple," we're supposed to talk the customer through the process. For example, if they just need to know how to set up a profile or where to click to get to Bill Pay or something like that. We're only supposed to transfer to Tech Support if they need to reset their password or something else we just don't have access to complete.

I spent over 40 minutes the other day helping a customer get to our main site page to log in.

A brief synopsis of our conversation:

Me: It sounds like you're looking at the results for a search engine page and not our main site. Can you make sure you've typed thebank.com into the address bar?

SC: How do I do that?

Me: If you go to the top left-hand corner of your browser, there should be a long box you can type the address in.

SC: It just says Mozilla Firefox and then Yahoo but I can't type anything on it!

Me: How about below that?

SC: Below that it says File...Tools...etc...

Me: Is there a box below that line?

SC: Where it says http:// www .yahoo .com?

Me: Yes! That's the address bar. Ok, click on that, and type in thebank.com.

SC: Okaaay...and I leave the letters that are already there, right?

Me: No, no, no. Delete all of that. Delete everything, and type in www dot thebank dot com.

SC: Okaaayyy...

Me: OH! And make sure you don't have any spaces between the words. Just, "wwwDOTthebankDOTcom" with no spaces at all, ok?

SC: Ohhhkay...OH! There it is! Why did you guys change it?

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